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John A. Thywissen, PhD: J^T

PhD Graduate (J^T @ UTCS)
Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas, USA

Principal and President
Objective:pi LLC

Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot
See FlyJohn.com

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[Sigh -- another personal page that could use better structure and a unifying set of themes...]

John is a PhD Graduate from the Department of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin. He also teaches pilots in the Austin area.

Previously, John was a Managing Consultant (among other roles) for EDS in Plano, Texas. John holds a Master of Science in Copmuter Science (Texas),Master of Science in Engineering Management (S.M.U.), a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Kansas), and completed the Accelerated Development Programme at London Business School.

News: I have turned my GRE study notes into a GRE Computer Science Test Study Guide

(If you're in the mood for entertainment, try my father’s historical novel: Prussian Cadenza.)

Grad school related: The GRE Computer Science Subject Test; R. Hamming's Bellcore talk "You & Your Research" [700 kB PDF].

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Other Interests of mine in a nifty concept map: (under construction, but there's content in some areas)

Pervasive / ubiquitous computingStochastic modelingBusiness systems engineeringAdvanced technology project managementHuman-computer interactionComplex dynamical systemsProfessional service firm managementAviation instructionEpistemologySoftware engineeringOptions (securities and real options)Corporate strategyEthicsDecision theoryRisk"Flow"AttentionCreativityMap of J^T interests