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Human-Computer Interaction

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Good human-computer interaction design is, to a large part, about working correctly with the user's focus of attention.

Thywissen, John A. Human-Computer Interaction [Web page]. Plano (TX): c2007 [revised 2007 Aug 05; cited 2023 Mar 22]. Available from: http://john.thywissen.org/hci.html


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Fundamental Books

Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction, Third Edition
By Shneiderman, Ben
Longman Publishing Group; 07/1997
ISBN 0-201-69497-2

This is the classic fundamental book of HCI. Required reading for everyone involved in HCI. Comprehensive and readable, written by HCI's leading figure.

The Design of Everyday Things
By Norman, Donald A.
Basic Books; 11/2002
ISBN 0-465-06710-7

Norman discusses good design, but not just computer user interfaces—real world (physical) interfaces. This book will give you a new perspective on how we interact with all kinds of devices, even doorknobs and teapots!

Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
By Tufte, Edward R.
Graphics Press; 03/1997
Hardcover; 156 pages
ISBN 0-961-39212-6

Tufte, famous for his Visual Display of Quantitative Information, tackles the display of action, processes, and other non-quantitative information. Many useful tips for HCI design.

Further Reading

Tog On Interface
By Tognazzini, Bruce
Addison-Wesley; 02/1992
Softcover; 331 pages
ISBN 0-201-60842-1

Tog covers a smorgasbord of common UI issues. Useful and amusing.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines
By Apple Inc.
Apple Inc.; 10/2006
Online; 334 pages

Covers many UI issues generally. Worth reading, even if you're not building a Mac user interface. (The link above is to the PDF version of the document.)

Tog On Software Design
By Tognazzini, Bruce
Addison-Wesley; 10/1995
Softcover; 407 pages
ISBN 0-201-48917-1

Tog, in his usual entertaining style, covers good and bad UI design, and presents a vision of the future human interface of computers, developed by him and his team at Sun Microsystems.

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